A Dog’s Ta(i)le

I got Sadey on November 11, 2012 in Roosevelt, Utah.  She is half brittany spaniel, half german shorthair pointer. I was pretty naive in getting a dog. I had very little money, worked… Continue reading

Step One: Start Writing

Over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking more and more about writing a book and what I would want to accomplish with it, as well as how I would want to organize… Continue reading

Perceiving Her Perception: Achieving Acceptance

Through a recent self-realization, I’ve concluded that I suffer from extreme judgmentalism. (<– Not a word).  I think if it was an actual disorder psychologists would coin it “Chronic Judgment Disorder” or (CJD).… Continue reading

How do you do it?: Suffer Some, Enjoy it All

(Click on any photo to see it larger) The great, mysterious days of exploration are dwindling away under the brawn of the daring and the creative.  The moon has been conquered, Everest, K2,… Continue reading

Learning the Hard Way

As many of you may know, I had my first real encounter with the the shitty side of humanity in Dallas this past summer.  My roommates and I lived and worked together.  We… Continue reading

5 Steps to Living out of your car and Traveling

Since January 27, 2013, I have essentially been continuously living out of a bag and using the truck as home base.  There was a brief period of almost regularity when I was working… Continue reading

Over-exhaustion of “Hidden Gem”: Finding World Class in the Forests of the East

Hidden Gem.  For you climbers out there, you’ve heard of them.  The crags that seem to exude all that is quality, yet remain shrouded to the masses. Some of you may be baffled… Continue reading

A New Climbing Season, A New Life

Last night a breeze picked up and the pitter patter of dried leaves hitting the pavement sparked a drive I was just beginning to lose. The humidity that’s been draped over me the… Continue reading

Cognitive Paleontology (Read to learn what that is)

I made my first cross country trip when I was two months old.  When I say cross country, I mean we drove from southeast Alabama to central Alaska, the epitome of cross-country.  We… Continue reading


The older I get. The more experienced I feel, and the farther I travel, the more I feel like I grow even farther away from figuring life out.  One thing I’ve come to… Continue reading