Greener Pastures

I typically try to orient my writing around adventure or travel and steer clear of emotional writing.  This piece however digs deep into myself.  I carry multiple notebooks with me everywhere.  I have… Continue reading

Finally on the Annapurna Circuit

There was an ambient sound of water that seemed to fill the air all the same as a haze. It’s a continuous white noise, changing only in decibel and never disappearing.  The water… Continue reading

From Pokhara to the Annapurna Circuit

The morning we left Pokhara, the six of us took two cabs to the bus station from the Lakeside area. Our friend and guide, Santosh, met us at the bus station where we… Continue reading

Nepal’s condition from a tourist’s point of view

I arrived in Kathmandu on October 1, 2015.  My brother, and our three good friends were due to arrive two hours after me, but China Southern canceled their flights due to Nepal’s lack… Continue reading

A short walk in the Kathmandu streets

I’m one of those tourists, that hates tourists. Someone with a more colorful vocabulary would call me an “hypocritical asshole.” All the same. When I travel I tend to find myself annoyed with… Continue reading

Pokhara, Nepal

Pokhara is a city of about 265,000 people nestled below the massive white peaks of the Annapurna Massif. It’s crazy though, because the city feels as if there is 100 times the amount… Continue reading

Review of Qatar Airways

A review of Qatar Airways, 4 stars.            This is the only time I have ever flown Qatar Airways but I was incredibly impressed and would fly with them… Continue reading

Walking Doha

          The heat hit my face with oppression. It’s like its own medium; there‚Äôs air, water, and Doha heat. The horizon was hazy as the wind kicked up dust.… Continue reading

Adventure Begins before the Adventure Begins

I haven’t even left the US yet and already there are major issues with the trip. On my way to the Atlanta airport this morning, my brother called me to deliver some unfortunately… Continue reading

A Harsh Annual Reminder

For the last eight years I’ve largely ignored this anniversary. Generally passing by with the casual nod of the head out of respect to those we lost and to those friends of mine… Continue reading