A Harsh Annual Reminder

For the last eight years I’ve largely ignored this anniversary. Generally passing by with the casual nod of the head out of respect to those we lost and to those friends of mine… Continue reading

Torres Del Paine Mini Write Up

Struggling to find time to write a true article about my 9 days in Torres Del Paine. A beautiful story presented itself to me in the form of a tiny, determined Asian American… Continue reading

My trip Anti Start

Greetings from not where you expect me, Minneapolis Minnesota. The perils of international travel have coincided with Murphys Law to create the most elaborate abomination of my travel plans. Yesterday I entered MSP… Continue reading


Hey everyone. This is just a little tidbit of info for all you travelers out there, or those who love adventure photography. There is an app called Yonder floating around in the cyber… Continue reading

Carrying a pack for thousands of miles

What do you carry? After months of thinking I’ve finalized what will be on my back through multiple countries over multiple mountain ranges and over thousands of miles. Here is a video for… Continue reading

American Culture: Exposure Will Open Your Eyes

To most people, cultural acceptance extends past the borders of their own country.  They feel accomplished with the simple thwarting of their xenophobia, calling themselves culturally adept because they didn’t stare at an… Continue reading

How United Airlines nearly shat on my dreams.

“To be the airline of choice, worldwide.”-United Airlines Traveling is the only way to connect one culture with another.  To cross a border is to educate.  To walk a mile in a foreign… Continue reading

My Newly Remodeled Dirtbag Abode

Below is the video to my newly built sleeper platform in the truck. My home upon my return from South America and a way to save money for Nepal next October Sleeper Platform… Continue reading

A Dog’s Ta(i)le

I got Sadey on November 11, 2012 in Roosevelt, Utah.  She is half brittany spaniel, half german shorthair pointer. I was pretty naive in getting a dog. I had very little money, worked… Continue reading

Step One: Start Writing

Over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking more and more about writing a book and what I would want to accomplish with it, as well as how I would want to organize… Continue reading